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How do I join?

Contact us for your Introductory Workout / Assessment.
We will find out what your goals are, what you have done in the past, and where you are at now. We’ll then explain the CrossFit fitness concepts; teach you some skills, and then put you through a WOD (workout of the day) scaled to your fitness level. This is our Baseline workout. It helps us to establish your initial skill level. And we’ll show you how CrossFit can work for you! Based on your workout we will assess where you can best start your path to elite fitness with us. We have three options.

Beginners Level

We have Beginner Classes three times a week, morning and evening. These classes take the regular WOD (workout of the day) and scale it way down to basics. We teach you the correct form of our most common lifts and exercises. The amount of time you spend in this level depends on you.

Personal Training

If you are not ready or do not prefer to start with a group class, we can work with you one on one. An experienced Coach will schedule several sessions a week with you to get your skill set to a level where you can be comfortable joining group classes.


If you are an experienced CrossFitter and can prove this to us, you can move directly into our WOD classes. You will be scaled according to your fitness level.

Contact Us for more Info or to sign up for your complimentary Intro session

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