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The First CrossFit Box in the area

We didn’t start CrossFit as just one of our programs. We opened as the first CrossFit only box around.
We believe in CrossFit methodology. It’s all about functional training. Don’t suck at life! Learn the proper way to move. Correct form both develops your fitness in full range and keeps you safe.

School of Elite Fitness

When you become one of our athletes, you embark upon a path of training. You don’t just attend a class. We teach you how to lift, how to run, how to eat, how to supplement. We coach on and off the floor. You have skill sessions, seminars and challenges. Everything you need to get better, faster, and stronger.


We believe in continuing education to bring the best instruction to our athletes. Our Senior Coaches have a minimum of 5 CrossFit certifications, and as many as 9. We continue to add additional certs, workshops and clinics to our resumes.

Intern Training

Unlike other boxes, getting your L1 CrossFit Cert doesn’t qualify you to coach here. It is the minimum requirement, along with a year of CrossFitting, to enter our Intern Training Program (ITP).
Our athletes deserve coaches that we have trained and share our philosophies of training. So we put our Interns through approximately 6 months of focused training before they can coach on their own.
It’s demanding – we are particular. Not everyone makes it. But our athletes deserve the best.

Contact us for more information or to signup for a complimentary introductory workout

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Your Intro Workout is complimentary. We will find out what your goals are, what you have done in the past, and where you are at now. We’ll then explain the CrossFit fitness concepts; teach you some skills, and then put you through a WOD (workout of the day) scaled to your fitness level. This is our Baseline workout. It helps us to establish your initial skill level. And we’ll show you how CrossFit can work for you!
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  1. Please email me information about prices and the process of getting started. I have never done this before. Thank you so much.


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